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Next-Gen Innovations from India...

About us

We are here to bring the next-generation
innovations from India...

We're a team of brilliant, passionate, innovative, visionary, and spiritually empathetic people working tirelessly to bring the next generation of innovative products that would benefit and enrich the whole of humanity.

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Out Key Products:

  • IshaID™
  • IshaHost™
  • IshaTeam™
  • IshaBASE™
One great product

What you need now


IshaBASE™One App to Rule them All...

One ecosystem of Business Applications for Systematic Execution of any type of Business from Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises.


IshaTeam™One App for all your Team...

Next-generation innovative Team Collaboration system for any type of Teams from Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises.


IshaID™One ID to Rule them All...

Verified, highly secure and safe Identification system to use anywhere from Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises.